Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

It was Christmas day and I was passing through Georgia and Alabama and I stopped to fuel up my KLR. I had lost my pen somewhere along the way, and I went into the gas station to buy a pen. There were no pens for sale, but the very nice lady who was operating the register wished me Merry Christmas and gave me her pen from the desk. I was extremely happy about the energy of the encounter.

Later, I went in to buy a snack and I told the lady about my journey. She in turn offered me a cookie from the local church. She expressed her gratitude for the community members who had made the rounds to support those who had to work on Christmas Day. I thought that it was so appropriate that she too was giving away such positive energy and cookies. She was a normal and courageous human being with dignity and respect. Thank you to the dear gas station Lady.

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