Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Philadelphia to Charlotte, NC

The Lee Family

Jessie on the KLR

My tall friend Bob in NC

Joy, Uma the Dog and Bob near Charlotte, NC

I had a great time visiting with the Lee's in Philadelphia. They took me out for Ethiopian food which was a treat and a new experience. There was a communal dish that we all ate out of. It was wonderful.

It was somewhat of an adventure leaving the Lee family residence. We pushed the bike out of the gated court yard and down the street which had been unplowed since the big snow storm. After a struggle, we finally pushed it to the edge of the main street and onto wet pavement.

I followed 95 down. The highway sprocket did well and I averaged 65 mph. I hit traffic around Washington, DC. I made it to Charlotte, NC in apx 12h (longer than estimated due to traffic).

I enjoyed spending time with Bob, Joy and their dog Uma!

Tomorrow, I'm off North Western Florida or Alabama. Then, in the days that follow, I'll take Rt. 10 accross to Texas.

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  1. Safe travels! Thanks for stopping by it was a pleasure to see you!!