Saturday, January 2, 2010

Arrived at Big Bend National Forest

I forgot to say earlier, I saw a strange sight on the highway. A tractor trailer had sheered in half and was in the middle of the highway. The police and the tow trucks seemed to be trying to figure out what to do with the mess. It made me wonder if it was over loaded or what?

I am writing in the middle of the Big Bend National Park. The rising moon is almost full and the sunset is glowing in the sky over the craggy mountains. The road in here was a very fun track for 4 wheel drive vehicles with high clearance. My motorcycle and I loved it. The new rear shock did great, even with the load that I’m carrying.

I took lots of photos while the sun was setting and casting the long light on everything. There is a lot of feces from an unidentified plant eater. I’ll try to ask at the ranger station as to what they might be. My guess is the little pigs that habitate this area.

Maine and NH feel so far away and like such a long time ago. I think of Joan and the homestead, our neighbors the Jacobsons. I hope they are enjoying the plowing. I think about my Fryeburg friends and my mom over in Hiram. I wish you all well. I’m glad to be here, and funny thing is I just think I smelled a cigarette. I wonder how many miles the smell can travel? For now, the sound of the KLR engine is quiet and the crickets and occasional song bird are gently humming. I too am gently humming with gratitude.

I met a nice man who owned a mechanic shop. He let me use his oil pan to change my oil. I really enjoyed talking with him. I’ve met so many wonderful people on my travels. I also met 4 daul sport riders who were headed home from Big Bend. They had very nice bikes and gear. I also talked with a man who was an engineer for an oil drilling company. In the morning I met a rider who was headed back to West Virginia after having traveled to California. I also met a hotel owner who had the same model bike as me.

By the way…Karl Rogue had lunch at the same restaurant as I and the other riders. I had no idea, until someone said, “hey, that’s Karl Rogue”. The oil driller went over and shook hands with Karl.

I saw a large billboard sign that said, ”We did it by George”. Meaning George Bush. I’m not sure what IT was, but the general sentiment was understood.

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