Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crossing to Mexico Tomorrow

Jay is planning our route into Mexico.

Jay and I stayed up late talking about our reasons for the trip and some of the details. It was nice to connect. We got up early the next morning and did an inventory of our gear and made a pile of stuff to mail home. Then I took my bike to the Performance Cycle of Tucson, AZ. They agreed to clean and re-jet the carburetor and shim the needle if I took it out of the bike.

While I was taking the carburetor out, I saw that the plastic nut that holds the choke cable to the carburetor was broken in half. Perhaps that was the issue. The folks at Performance Cycle were kind enough to find a used part.

It struck me as I had the carburetor in my hand that I was holding the heart of the motorcycle. It has hoses coming in and going out and is the same size as a heart! The “heart surgery” on the carburetor went well. It was cleaned and a different jet was added The motorcycle is working well again.

What a whirl wind! After fixing the bike we got cash from an ATM, bought Mexican Pesos, bought Mexican auto insurance, mailed unneeded items home, organized our gear, bought last minute items and more. We planned our first day in Mexico and plan on sleeping near a town called Guaymas which is on the coast. We’ll start early so that we get to the border before most of the “trouble” people are awake.

To enter Mexico, we need insurance, a tourist permit, a vehicle permit and we need to post bond for apx. $400. We get this money back when we check out on our departure.

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