Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life in San Pedro

Today I studied the verb Gustar (like) with Flory, my Spanish teacher. Later, during our practice talking, we talked about relationships and the work that they require. It was an important conversation for both of us, as both her and I are working on our relationships. After lunch I bought a chain and sprocket set and installed them on the motorcycle.

It think that it’s great how I came to find motorcycle parts in a small town that is far, far from any Kawasaki dealer. A rider who was passing through decided to stay and sold her KLR. She, however, still had her extra set of chain and sprockets. They waited for me until I arrived here in San Pedro. Then, a person who knows this rider happened to walk by and saw us with our bikes. This was Indy, an Israeli person who runs a small motorcycle and small engine shop. He helped me with the carburetor and during the process mentioned the other person who he thought might have some KLR equipment. So this is the story line that brought these new parts to me.

When I was walking to buy the motorcycle parts, I saw a group of people gathered on the sidewalk. Some music was playing out of speakers that were mounted on the top of a truck. Everyone had a solemn look. I stopped to buy some soap to clean my air filter and new batteries for my camera. I asked the shop owner what was happening and she said that someone had just died. It was wonderful to watch everyone pay their respects to the recently departed. And I do think that the person had just died. I felt the energy of the people and their thoughts about the departed person. I also saw the people thinking about their own mortality.

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