Monday, January 11, 2010

Mexican Foods, YUM

Mexican Food is delicious, though Jay and I are feeling that it’s been difficult to eat a balanced diet. We’ve been eating at street vendors who sell tacos, chicken etc.

The food generally consist of small corn tortillas with beef, pork or chicken. Salsa of different types is always served with these meals and adornments can include cilantro, onion, lettuce and beans. We’ve been trying to avoid the lettuce and cilantro as these may have been washed in contaminated water. This meal seems to be eaten for all meals of the day.

Other foods that we’ve had are Pollo Assado (Roasted Chicken) with tortillas, Beef in a salty red broth with tortillas, cooked whole onions, fried dough cooked in thin strands and shaped like a spiral. We’ve occasionally had eggs for breakfast.

To balance things out, we’ve been trying to eat oranges and bananas and other fruits with peels.
It seems that each vendor has his or her special and different touch. The salsas are all hand made by the vendor with their special recipe. They have been pleasantly spicy and nothing that made me feel like I was breathing fire. I’ve enjoyed talking with each vendor. After the ice is broken, the smiles and warm exchanges seem to flow.

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  1. Hey Jamal. I stumbled accross your blog. Im leaving for Costa Rica jan 27th. i have klr650 waiting for me there. 2 others and myself will be riding south too!! maybe we can connect.

    chris priore