Thursday, January 14, 2010


Jay and I are one day away from the Mexican Border. We’re in a small city called Tehuantepec which is North of the big industrial port of Salina Cruz. We got here in time to walk around the market square. We had a desert with a custard in it. We followed this with a dinner of small tacos with beef, beans and cheese. We also had a taco with brains of some sort in it (a first for me).

I hung my laundry up on the roof top to dry. I washed it last night and had to pack them wet because they didn’t dry overnight. I think on the next trip I’ll bring more thin synthetics that dry quickly.

I learned a new word. I found out that Rico means good or like. Therefore Peurto Rico probably means Good Port. Now I have another way to tell someone that I like their food or hotel etc.
I had a great lunch of Pollo Molle. This is chicken in a Molle sauce. Each person makes the sauce a little differently. It’s basically a thick and tasty sauce that is not very spicy. I’ve had it with chocolate in it and as a red sauce. Today’s Molle was thick, dark, a little spicy and somewhat grainy textured. The plate was entirely covered in the sauce and a piece of chicken was in the middle. Rice, beans and tortillas were on the side.

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