Saturday, January 30, 2010

Panama City

The streets of Panama City are quite filled with traffic and confusing as well. There are many sky scrapers and many are under current construction. I spent the afternoon running errands. I looked into air fare for my bike and me to Bogota Columbia. It looks like it’s $900 for the bike and $3-400 for me. That’s quite a bit more that I want to spend. I also looked for tires for my bike and a South America Guide, but had no luck with either.

Tomorrow I’ll ask around about the boat schedules. A bunch of yachts, fishermen and the like sail out of Panama City. The less reputable captains are likely to also be smuggling contraband of all sorts. If I can find a reputable captain and if the price is right, I think that I’d prefer to travel over the sea. It sounds fun and would be a change to the mode of travel.

Also tomorrow I’ll try to buy some maps and a guide book for South America. I’ll also mail some stuff that I don’t need back home.

The pricing here can be comparable to US pricing, so I’m on hyper conservative mode. For dinner tonight, I had a can of beans, juice, an orange and a banana. I wasn’t that hungry though. Breakfast was fairly cheep at $2.50. The hostel, which includes breakfast is $12. The parking at the airport was $20 and I felt offended…oh well! That was one or two days worth of living in the cheaper countries.

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  1. Hey don't forget about my friend Eli if you need anything.