Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pushing South

After Copper Canyon, Jay and I washed the air filters on our bikes and checked some main bolts for tightness. My bike ran poorly after the filter became clogged. I also had the bolts on my left foot peg come loose. We had to stop to tighten them as the sun was setting.

Now that Jay and I are done with Copper Canyon, we’re going to bee-line it for the Guatemalan border. I think it will take about 4 days to get there, and we should be able to into Guatemala in five days from now. Once there, we’re going to study some Spanish for a week to make the rest of our trip more linguistically smooth.

Today we made it to Las Cruz which is a coastal town North West of Mazatlan. Today was an active day of talking with the hawks and falcons. One flew with me about 10 feet over my left shoulder. They have been very clear in their support on this journey. I also saw two white falcons. They were sitting and facing opposite directions and one shook its feathers out as I drove by. They said to keep track of my surroundings and “shake off” fears and negative energy. They bid me safe travels and asked me to come back to explore Copper Canyon some more.

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