Sunday, January 17, 2010

To Comitan next to Guatemala Border

Jay and I rode to Comitan which is an hour to the Guatemala border. We passed through the beautiful Cristobal de Las Casa. We went up a mountain road that had hairpin turns that were the sharpest we’ve seen yet. We had to go around 15mph even with our bikes.
When we went through the pass, the air quality changed. The smoke and pollution haze disappeared into a beautiful blue sky with stark white clouds. The temperature dropped significantly and was quite refreshing. The mountain sides had limestone cliffs that held impossible shapes. The vegetation turned from simi-arid to temperate forests and eventually into pine trees. I was very excited about the changes.

After setting up in a nice hotel in Camitan, we walked around looking for a sheep skin for my seat. Our butts have been getting sore. After an hour or so of searching, we found a saddle shop that had some. I bought the densest one that they had, which looked dirty. I thought this was perfect, because I didn’t want a white one that would get dirty. Now I’ll see if it helps!

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