Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Friends of a friend in Panama

Last night I slept at the old Colon Hostel in the old section of Panama City. It used to house Panama Canal workers. It’s quite old and in disrepair, but the lobby has some beautiful tile work that reminds me of the Arab culture.

I had dinner last night with Eliseo and his wife who are friends of my friend Shane. We had dinner at a middle eastern restaurant and my mind never quite got used to the idea of eating middle eastern food, having a Spanish speaking waiter and speaking English at the table.

Later, Eli helped me tremendously by making phone call and giving me guidance on the city. Him and his wife are a cute couple together!

I’m waiting to hear back from a ship Captain as there is a chance to get passage south. I should know later today one way or another.

The hotel has roof top balconies from where I can see the entire Panama City and the ocean which is lined with large boats of many types. It doesn’t feel much like a city in the US, though I can’t describe why not.

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