Friday, February 12, 2010

Into Peru!

I crossed the border into Peru today. It was a fairly easy border crossing, though it took some time. The officials were professional and pleasant. I met a Columbian couple who were riding a Honda Translap. Later, while I was exchanging some money I met another Columbian couple on a Yamaha motorcycle.

I ended up riding the rest of the way to a coastal surfing town with both couples. It was nice to have the companionship

I had a little mishap with a drunk man when he swung at my bike. He hit my left mirror and broke it. He also cut himself on my mirror. It was an unfortunate incident that this man caused for himself. I’ll replace the mirror and will be good to go.
The ride along the Peruvian coast was beautiful as the sun was low and the water and sky was lit up.

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