Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ride to Potosi, Bolivia

It took an hour to get out of the maze of La Paz. The traffic was pretty intense. The riding today was almost entirely on pavement…though my tires did touch dirt a few times. The road was smooth and fast. There was a car that was going roughly the same speed aa me and we traveled for a while.

I stopped for lunch at a road side restaurant and the people behind me stopped for lunch as well. We had a great time talking, and of course I got one more offer to buy the motorcycle. They were four guys who worked as mechanics on heavy equipment. The company that they worked for sent them all over the world. They worked in Angola, Africa as well as all over South America.

We had the typical $1.50 lunch. They offered me cocoa leaves to chew on, but I declined. Three of the men enjoyed the chew and the fourth did not. It looked like a messy affair and left their teeth littered with pieces of the leaves. They said I would probably ride faster if I chewed on some….

I rode the rest of the way to Potosi, which is a Unesco World Heritage site and claims to be the worlds highest city at 4060 meters. The flat lands made way to red mountains as I rode south. The color of the hills was very nice and reminded me of Utah.

Time to eat now, my stomach is aching.

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