Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Emerald Lake

I bought a ticket for the National Park this morning. When the bus came, there was some confusion and the bus needed to take a dozen Israeli people to Emerald Lake. It didn’t matter to me, so I went along and got a free ride to Emerald Lake and saved my ticket to the National Park for tomorrow. It felt like a fortuitous event. I helped translate between the Israelis and the driver of the van.

It was a beautiful hike through the peat moss and alpine forests. There was deep mud in some spots and we all got a bit muddy. The rain sprinkled and then the sun came out. I saw a rainbow arching over the path that we had come.

We to go the National Park tomorrow and ride together. We’re meeting at 7am to enter the park before 8am when they start charging 50 pesos.

Now, I need to get dinner and food for tomorrow. I also need to buy the flight from NY to Portland.

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