Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sand Pit in the Desert

The excitement of the day was traversing a large sand pit that ran the middle of the road. Boy was it scary. I hit it going around 25 mph. The only way to keep from hitting the dirt is to accelerate hard and let the front tire ride over the mess.

I accelerated with all the bike was worth and the bike bucked, weaved, wobbled, swayed until it came out the other side, which was apx 30 feet. I had crossed sand holes, but they were mostly 3-6 feet across. It was over before you could blink. The length of this one made it a different story. I decided that a fully loaded KLR with fully pressurized tires. To prevent pinched inner tubes, I kept the pressure high in the tires. Unfortunately, this makes the bike hard to handle in sand!

The problem with this type of scenario is that the only way to make it through is with a maneuver that requires confidence. Going faster, when one is scared is not an easy task.
So I made it to the small town of Piedra de Aguila (Rock of the Eagle) and spent the night. I was, for the second night in a row, ushered into town by a show of lightening and color. Like the proceeding night, I was kept dry. The lightening had shut down the phones and internet, so I was off to bed.

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