Friday, March 5, 2010

Selling my KLR

KLR 650 for sale in Buenes Aires

I’ve ridden this KLR from Maine to Argentina and am looking to sell the motorcycle. It currently has 40,600 miles on it and is likely to have around 43,000 miles by the time I arrive in Buenos Aires. The KLR has been ridden hard and long through the roads and deserts of central and South America and has been a good companion. Prior to this, it was used off road in the forests of Maine.

I am the third owner of this KLR. I bought it with around 18,000 highway miles on it.
The engine still pulls hard and the KLR performs well. I’d like to bring it back home as I’ve invested a lot in the upgrades, but am out of money.

The KLR needs new fork seals, a new chain and sprocket set, and new tires. If you decide to buy it, I can help with the details.

The frame was cracked and welded and is as good as new. The bike has been used off road significantly and has been dropped many times. It has seen two crashes at around 25mph. The emergency kill switch is broken and bypassed. The side stand safety switch has been disabled to prevent unwanted disability.

Upgrades : This KLR has been set up for serious off roading and long distance adventure riding. Here is a list of the upgrades and additional components the bike has.

Corbin seat, new progressive rear shock, progressive front springs, large oversized front rotor, stainless steel front brake line, Large Windshield, Air horn, Moose racing handlebar protectors, Fork brace, engine guard with highway foot pegs, radiator and coolant guards, chain guard, sub-frame upgraded bolts, center stand, off road serrated foot pegs, panniers with rack, top case, stainless steel oil filter, additional rack and box on rear of panniers, Big Gun exhaust, aluminum skid plate, master brake cylinder guard, pro-taper bars w/ riser, upgraded heavy duty headlight harness, extra LED tail light, replaced doohickey, two tool compartments,

Extras that come with the bike.
patch kit, spare inner tubes, spare spark plugs (4), ear plugs, calculator, air pressure guage, engine oil bottle, manual, straps, valve stems, lithium grease, electrical connectors, radiator liquid plug, spare clutch cable, spare odometer cable, spare levers,

Extra items that you could buy from me if you wish:
drybag, ridgerest sleeping pad, tank bag (broken zippers but works),cramp buster, comprehensive tool kit (see below), compass, siphon hose,

Tool kit
hack saw blade, ratchet set, combination wrench, needlenose vice grips, axle tool, KLR specific tools, tool for adjusting rear shock, spark plug gap tool, feeler gauges, combo screw driver, oil for air filter, more.

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