Monday, March 1, 2010

Time in Uyuni

I enjoyed walking around the market in Uyuni. There was a full gamet of itmes for sale, ranging from miniature DVD players with LED screens to dessicated hawks and healing herbs. I bought some wood that has a beautiful smell and can be burned as a puryifying smoke. It has a wonderful smell, even when it’s not burning.

I stopped at a stand with healing herbs and items. There was an older man crouched and he was holding something. I later realized that it was the tip of a deer antler. I asked him what it was for and he rubbed it against his face, though I’m not exactly sure what that meant. The woman who was selling the stuff came back with a wonderful smile. I left the two to conclude their business.

After the long walk, I sat in the central park on a bench and opened my senses. A peace and joy came over me as I filled out into a greater consciousness. My face felt a smile on it. A bird came and sat two feet away from my left shoulder and began chirping regularly. It was my little drummer bird. Many more little birds came and flew around and also landed close by. Eventually the first bird climbed on to my shoulder before it flew away. It was a very nice interaction.

When I got up, I walked to a shop that sold Bolivian textiles and clothes. I had a nice long talk with the lady who ran the shop. She asked me how I liked Bolivia and I wanted to say that it’s soft. The only word that I could think of was Suave. She giggled and covered her mouth. I was in the shop for around a half hour or so and bought a couple of small things

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