Saturday, November 21, 2009

4 weeks to Departure.

Jay and I are getting ready and very excited. The motorcycles have been modified to be suitable for the trip. Just a few things are left to do. I'm also getting our homestead here in Brownfield, ME ready for the time that I'm gone. Joan is going to have her hands full keeping the road plowed, as this is a job that I usually do. It's like waiting for Christmas and I may leave a few days early if I can't wait any longer.

When we get close to Christmas, I'll monitor the weather and take advantage of any days where the roads are clear of snow. Jay is in Seattle and I'm in Maine. The plan is for each of us to drive down to Texas or New Mexico and meet up. Then we'll cross the Mexican border together and begin our travels through the southern countries of the Americas.

Blessings until then!

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