Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting Ready-Two Week Countdown

Once again the KLR is taken apart in the basement. This time, I've replaced the rear shock, rear brake pads, cleaned the chain and put a new front rotor. I'm waiting for a front caliper part and I'll be able to put the front end back together.

Over the past year, I've done a lot of upgrades to the motorcycle to get it ready. I've also got my inoculations for Hep. A&B, Yellow fever, Typhoid Fever etc. All my paperwork is in order.

The homestead is ready for winter and the plow is all hooked up with chains on the tires. Joan and our neighbor, Jake, will be plowing our road. It's strange to think of being in warm weather, while the snow takes over here in Maine.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming Solstice Celebration that I'm offering through Mountain Spirit Journeys: http://www.mountainspiritjourneys.com/ . I plan on leaving after that, as the road conditions allow. I'll have my hands full getting the bike down our snow covered road. All I need after that is dry pavement until I get out of snow country.

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  1. Jamal,

    You are welcome to spend the night as you head south. We've got a warm bed waiting for you.