Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Packing and Details

Our half mile driveway is finally snowed in for the season. Some new snow fell on top of the slick, old snow, so I took advantage of this and brought my bike down the hill. It was slow, but I managed to ride the bike and didn't fall over, though I did slide around a bit. It's now parked at our neighbor's house that is next to the paved road.

I spent some time testing the bike and the new rear shock and other modifications that I did in preparation for the trip. It is all working well.

Meanwhile, up on Tibetts Mountain, I'm packing and organizing my gear and making last minute modifications and purchases. I'm planning loading the bike up on Friday and then spending the weekend with family and friends.

Provided the weather and road conditions are suitable, I'll begin the journey on the Solstice (Monday, Dec 21, 2009). I'm excited and glad that this phase of the experience is finally here. I've spent the past year planning and getting ready. It feels surreal that the departure date is almost here.

I've had a lot of support from friends and family. I want to thank my wife Joan for her love and support. I want to thank Jay (my motorcycle partner) for being a catalyst for this trip. Other family members and friends have offered me technical advice, emotional support and encouragement. I'm grateful and will carry your good energy with my on this odyssey.


  1. Jamal, You've done a fantastic job kitting your bike for this epic journey. Be well, have fun, and you know we'll be watching your blog closely.

    Bon Voyage, Vaya Con Dios, Fair Winds and Following Seas!

    your friends at Whitehorse Gear

  2. Jamal,

    Best of luck, man! I wish I was going with you guys! I will be following on the blog. Allow me to add myself to the list of folks to call for long-distance logistical support should the need arise.

    Safe Journeys!