Friday, December 18, 2009

Whitehorse Gear Friends

Well I bid my friends at Whitehorse Gear good by today. They've treated me well and I have come to consider them friends. Jeff and Raleigh the dog are pictured with my KLR.

Today I've attached the panniers and loaded them up. I made a few adjustments to the handlebar levers and clutch cable. I installed a locking mechanism on the PVC tool boxes (directly behind the front wheel and behind the rear wheel). Now, my tools are not easy to steal. I can repair just about anything that happens to the bike with these tools.

The larger front rotor provides significantly improved braking power. I now feel like I can stop when I need to.

Now I'm watching the weather. A major storm is passing through the southern eastern seaboard this weekend. All of next week, however is forecast to be sunny with highs around 30-37 degrees Fahrenheit. It looks good and I'm still planing a Monday, December 21st departure.

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