Thursday, January 28, 2010

Costa Rica Border Crossing

After a nice time at a beach in southern Nicaragua, I went to the Costa Rica border crossing. Exiting Nicaragua was a little slower than normal because those of us with vehicles had to wait for the police officer who did the inspections to return. When I arrived at the Costa Rica border, there was a line that stretched a hundred feet long with people waiting to be processed in the Immigration desk. I got in line and shortly after several busses came and the line quickly doubles. In another half an hour, the line doubled again. It stretched out and wrapped around the building, and followed the shade underneath two large trees. The crowd quickly reached around two hundred people and there were three people inside the Immigration office.

I watched the trees swaying with the wind. In my conversations with the trees, they seemed happy to be alive. They also were happy to have us among them and thought that people are an important part of the circle of life on this planet. I watched the wasp nests up in the steel rafters and I watched the small birds that flittered around.

I made small talk with the people in line with me and we got to know one another. Some people were obedient line followers. Others spent the time trying to cut the line. I was happy to find the process interesting as it took around six hours for the whole border crossing.

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