Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A little out of order!

My attempt to visit the Moskitia area of Honduras was foiled by heavy rain and a road block. The road block was probably local people protesting the wages. Apparently, they closed the roads in the morning and then opened them in the afternoons.

The Moskitia area is difficult in the rainy season. The road turns into a mud pit and the rivers and the rapids swell to dangerous proportions. I would like to return to Honduras and spend some time in the Moskitia. After a forecast for 4 days of rain, I decided to keep heading south.

I saw a bridge that had been demolished by the heavy waters of a river. The large concrete posts were tipped upstream and one bridge section was lying in the river. This is the power of the water!

Some of the trees in Honduras were great big beings that housed, nurtured and sheltered an entire ecosystem. They looked like Eucalyptus trees, but I don’t know for sure what they were. There were several variety of other plants that grew on top of the large branches and others that draped down. The first time I saw one, it took my breath away.

I came into the unpronounceable city of Tegucigalpa which is the capital of Honduras. To complicate things the letter g sounds different with different vowel combinations. There was a large snarl of traffic throughout the entire city. I was really appreciating having a motorcycle and having off road skills. I travelled for miles on the shoulders of the roads passing the stopped busses and cars. The shoulders included ditches, grass, walking dogs and people rocks, tilted shoulders of earth and concrete etc. It was slow going, but it was a lot faster than going with the traffic.

I eventually found my hotel which was in the middle of the town. It turns out that the presidential inauguration is tomorrow. I think that the previous government was ousted recently and they just held elections for a new president. I’m getting up very early so that I can leave before the roads are grid locked or closed for the ceremonies.
My camera is broken. I thought that it was the batteries, but after some new batteries it’s still acting up. Perhaps I can come by a camera that doesn’t cost too much out of my low budget.

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