Monday, January 11, 2010

Jungle Roads

Jay and I spent the night last night in Puerto Vallarta which has a lot of US visitors and expatriates. While there, Jay realized that he lost some documents. They were mostly copies, but two Mexican documents were lost. One was the tourist card and the other was the vehicle import card.

We spent the morning getting a new tourist card and figured that we’d do OK without the vehicle import card. There is a sticker from the original document on Jay’s bike, so this will probably suffice.

We managed to leave town around noon and stopped at a town called Cihuatlan which is just North of Manzanillo. To our surprise, the hotel owner spoke perfect English.

We are now off the toll roads, which were quite expensive. We are glad to save some money. We’ve been following Rt. 200 along the coast. This road is quite curvy and has been fun to ride. It’s a bit slower, but the money we save in tolls should pay for the extra days. It’s also much more enjoyable on these smaller.

The desert has made way to jungle and the land of palm trees (they are actually an overgrown grass) and coconuts. There have not been any mosquitoes yet, though they are coming soon I’m sure.

Jay and I are feeling comfortable and the culture shock has worn off. I’ve been feeling at home. I do need to get some padding for the bike, as my butt is getting pretty sore. It’s the kind of soreness that has accumulated for the past three weeks. I want to buy a sheep skin to strap to the seat.

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  1. Hey Jamal,
    I'm loving traveling along with you on your adventure! Thanks for the great updates!
    (And don't shoot video while driving your bike, it makes me nervous. I can only imagine how your mother feels!)
    Blessings for a great Journey,