Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Following your Dreams

Dreams are a blessings of life. Last night I had a dream that was powerful and simple. I dreamed that I was teaching people how to skate board. I was also teaching spiritual ideas that went with it. This included ideas like doing something for love and joy, no matter how silly.

I felt the joy of movement and doing something for love. I had the thought that we can follow any path well, as long as we are doing what we love. We can teach well when we love what we teach. If we are following our dreams and our passions, we will be filled with positive emotions which will create positive openings and situations in our lives.

I’ve had many people say to Jay and I, “I’m glad that you’re doing this now, when you’re young, because when you get older you can’t.” The expression of one’s dreams is vital, no matter what the age. So please, use your age and wisdom to gather courage and follow your dreams. Your happiness depends on it, and this is the way of the forming world consciousness.

One idea for this is to make a list of dreams. Just write down all those things that you want to do, small and large. Enjoy the thinking about them and the writing of them. Then pin them up where you can see them any time you want. Let them go, and read the list once in a while, as your eyes are drawn to it.

In my life, almost everything on these lists has come to pass. This is true even for those things that I never thought possible. I can only think of one thing that has not manifested yet…but it is still on my list and is still a dream, so it will come to pass. I believe that this type of creation is the nature of the universe, and that I anyone can do this.

By the way, the idea of this type of motorcycle trip has been on my list for many years. I thought it wasn't going to come to fruition. And when I least expected it, it has come to pass.

Happy Dreaming!


  1. Jamal

    I have done the same and with some more effort I will complete my list. When I finish this list I will start another one and follow through also. I wish everyone much strength in finding their dream list and hope they get as much satisfaction as I have by ticking each dream off.

    Blue is with You!


  2. Hi Jamal,

    Call home soon - I've some good news to tell you to help you continue dreaming!


  3. Oh now I want to know what the good news is.

  4. I remember when you tough me to skateboard!