Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mexican Coast

Jay and I made it to Ixtapa which is near Acapulco. We found a cheap hotel, but opted to stay in a more expensive hotel than the one that said, “ 160 Pesos (13 dollars) for 6 hours”.
We rode the costal route 200 along the Pacific Ocean. The deep blue water was lined with white sands, vegetated cliffs and coconut palm trees. We passed banana groves, and saw that the bananas were covered in a mesh.

We went through a military check point, and for the first time were searched. It was a brief search and the soldiers were very stern. One soldier had the chin strap cinched up around his nose. Jay and I both thought that it was kind of funny, but we didn’t laugh.

We met two Canadians who were towing a small camper. They’ve been on the road since September! As the day moved on, we crossed paths three or four more times.
We’re getting sore from riding and are looking forward to doing other things during our week in Guatemala.

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