Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Local Conventional and Plant Medines

I had a long talk with Alexandra’s husband who’s name I think is Pedro. He is a doctor of sorts who practices conventional and plant medicines. He talked quiet a lot about the people in San Pedro and other local villages.

He said that the average person working in the corn fields makes around 40 Quetzal a day. This equates to around $5US per day. He said that this is an impossibly small amount for a person to take care of a family with. He went on to explain that people often could not afford to pay him and that this caused him and his family a bit of financial stress. He said that people come to him all hours of the day and night and even come from the far away Guatemala City for his help. The morning that I talked to him, he was tired from seeing two patients during the night. One of them was an 89 year old woman with bowel movement issues.

He said that he studied medicine in the conventional schools and he also studied natural medicine with a group of people in Northern Guatemala. He said that the medicine of Northern Guatemala was especially powerful.
All in all, he thought that his work was very interesting, though demanding on his family’s financial situation.

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