Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mountains here say HI to Mt. Washington

Yesterday was the first day of Spanish classes. My teacher’s name is Flory and she loves little flowers and butterflies. In fact we were visited by a Monarch Butterfly as we were talking.
I was telling her and this place about Mt. Washington. As I did this, it was very natural for me to bring the energy of Mt. Washington here. As soon as I mentioned Mt. Washington there was an earth quake that slightly shook the cabana that we were under. It seems that these mountains were responding to the energy of Mt. Washington. I continued on and told Flory about the small flowers that form on Mt. Washington and how there is one flower that only grows on Mt. Washington. I’ve got a post card with small flowers that I’ll give to her at the end of our classes. I’ll write something in Spanish to show her what a good job she did in teaching me.

In the afternoon I took my motorcycle down to the mechanic that I’d met and had him look at it. He thought that the rear tire wobble was within its tolerance. We then agreed upon a price and that I’d do the work and he’d guide me through the carburetor adjustments. So I took the bike apart and took the carburetor out for the second time on this trip. I removed the shim on the needle and replaced the main jet with a smaller size. I also took out a rubber bushing from the top of the air box to increase the air flow in these higher altitudes. It seems that the issue is that the bike is getting too much fuel for the amount of air that is present here. What we did, lowered the volume of fuel entering the engine.

I had been intimidated by the carburetor but I now feel fairly comfortable. I may need to put in a smaller jet when we go up to very high altitude. I’m glad to have learned how to work on this.

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