Monday, January 4, 2010

NM Natives and Rogers Family

The Rogers family and I made the drive out to the Alcamo Pueblo which is about an hour west of Albuquerque, NM. This village is on top of a Mesa and is currently used as the spiritual center of the Alcamo people. They operate tours to the Mesa top village and use the village for their ancient rituals and ceremonies. It was very nice to see peoples who are still in their ancestral locations and who are continuing the ways of their peoples.

Around 13 members of the 5000 or so members of the tribe are chosen each year to participate in the spiritual leadership council. This council “hold’s up the world”, through prayers and rituals. I’m glad for their efforts.

The car ride gave the Rogers family children and I a chance to connect. We enjoyed each other’s company and played lots of “I spy with my little eye”. They enjoyed the tour as well. We made a nice dinner back at Lynett’s house and Justice showed me his Play Station 3 games. He’s pretty talented at some of those games!

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  1. Jamal,
    The pictures of the village are neat! Hope the bike is OK and Yay! We get to read about your trip 'South of the Border!'
    Be well!