Monday, January 4, 2010

With Jay in Tucson, AZ

I made it to Tucson, AZ today and Met Jay at a Motel 6. We were excited to see each other. We’ve been planning and preparing for this trip for about a year and a half. Jay’s been in Seattle these past years and I, of course, have been in Maine.

We’re going to spend tomorrow running errands, having my bike looked at by a mechanic and fine tuning the last minute preparations before we cross the border into Mexico. We should cross the border on Thursday (Jan 7th) and begin the international segment of our trip.

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  1. Glad to hear you made it safely to Tucson!! I gather the problem is not the altitude since you are still going to have the bike looked at. We really enjoyed our visit with you and glad you took the time on your trip to stay with us. I know it mean a lot to Marion. It will be interesting to know what the problem is with the bike. Take care and look forward to a picture of you and Jay. Happy travels and be safe. Love, Linda