Sunday, February 21, 2010


I followed the Peruvian coast from Hazco to the Arequipa area. When I turned inland I met up with some Germans on bikes. We rolled together until it was time for me to take the dirt road. They had started in Argentina and ridden up to Equador and were now headed back south.

I’m in a little town called Huambo, which is North West of Arequipa. The ride in here was spectuacular. The gravel road was in excellent condition and the high altitude vegetation and mountiains were spectacular. The energy of the place fit me well. I saw a wild canine of some sort, which was nice. The sun set was full of colors and wild clouds. I felt very happy. I rode the last half hour in the dark, but it wasn’t bad.

When I arrived in Huambo I found a small Hospedaje (hotel). It is a classic concrete building that is built like a maze and blends in with the surrounding buildings. I don’t really know where this property ends and the next begins. We put my bike in the mud entry way…. It barely fit!. The room is perfect …small, dry and has a bed, light, chair and table. It even has electricity!

For dinner I walked down to the center of town and ate at a street vendor’s place. Rice, chicken, spaghetti and potatoes was the fare. Ketchup was drizzled over all. They call it ketchup, but it’s more like sweet tomatoe sauce. Still it’s pretty good. I don’t eat the salsa’s anymore, as I’m trying to minimize the amount that my stomach has to work.

There is something about this area…it just feels comfortable. I think that Southern Peru is very much different than Northern and Central Peru. The people here are very friendly.

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