Sunday, February 21, 2010

Southern Peru

I'm in a beautiful place and am pretty happy about it. I'm sleeping in my hammock tonight at a eco-hotel called Wasplinko. It’s just outside of the town of Nazca, Peru. The place is surrounded by fruit trees...mangoes, prickly pears, and grapes. It’s safe and secluded, but only a mile or so from the Panamerican Highway. I was greeted by white doves and an arbor of animal bones and skulls. The bones included whale ribs. And just now, as I was writing, two hawks flew by and whistled at each other in communication. This is truly an oasis in a desert.

Today while I was stopped for lunch I found my thoughts turned towards the earth and what ways I would celebrate with her. As I was thinking this, a tremor passed through the earth and vibrated. It was and earth quake! I watched the windows on the small building vibrate. It felt like a vibrator was turned on.

The Nazca, Peru area is known for it’s Nazca Lines which are images that were created in the dessert. They are best seen from an airplane and take the shape of animals and people. The lines were created by removing aged stones and exposing the lighter stones underneath.

The buildings at Wasplinko are made out of hand made bricks, bamboo and trees. The walls are covered in a cement layer. It reminds me of the idea of straw bale houses. This has such an appeal….warm, comfortable, cozy and nice smelling.
Anybody looking for a nice place near Nazco can look up Wasipunko: 5+56-523212 The son is a travel guide and it was a nice connection to make for future trips. His name is Edmundo Watkin Sejuro. The owner’s e-mail is

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