Sunday, February 21, 2010

Onto Lima

I left Haurez this morning and the first thing I did was drop the bike. My toes just touch the ground in most circumstances. I stopped and put my left foot down. Then I switched feet so that I’d be ready to put the bike in gear when the light turned green. Unfortunately, there was a pothole where I put my foot, and I couldn’t react fast enough to hold the bike back. Ah well!

Then, as I was almost to the coast, the bike started sputtering and jerking. I eventually found that the swivel that attatched the fuel hose to the tank was out of it’s socket . I’d lost most of my tank of fuel. I stuck it back in and rolled with the engine off for quite some time. I had a little fuel left, but wanted to conserve it in case I didn’t find fuel. I eventually came to a gas station where the attendant dipped a gallon jug into a barrel of gasoline and fed it to my motorcycle with a funnel.

As I rode across the dessert I was asked to pull over by a police officer. He said I was speeding and began writing me a ticket. He said I’d have to go back to the last town to pay it. Then he as a matter of factly said that I could pay him half now and not have to return to the town. I bargained him down, but $40 was painful. I paid him and left, but was not happy about the situation.

I came into Lima and was shocked about the extent of the city. It stretches for what feels like 60 miles across the dessert valley. The traffic is frenetic and it’s quite nerve racking to drive here. I found my way across the city to the US Embassy so that I could sign some papers that are needed back home. The public notary was not there and I was told to return tomorrow from 8-10 am.

I’d run out of miles on my oil, so I found a gas station, that had some oil that worked in my bike. I changed the oil and spilled some of the oil on the concrete. L felt bad for the attendant. I washed the chain with diesel and then lubricated it. After The bike was put back together, I checked and adjusted the pressure on the tires.

When I stopped at a hotel, I was nasty. My hair was pasted to my head. When I rubbed my face or neck rolls of grime stripped off. My clothes were stinky and wet. I shaved and the layers of hair and grime came off. Then I took a shower and took care of the rest. What a relief.

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  1. Great reading your adventure.
    Glad your safe,clean and dry.
    Also,great to see how well you get along with everybody down that way.
    Fred R.