Monday, March 1, 2010

Chilecito Chile

I’m riding long days through Argentina. Nice country, nice people, a bit expensive. I’m in Chilecito which is a town along Ruta 40. It’s apx 500 miles south of Salta.

I rode out of the lush forested hills of Salta and within an hour was riding through the rainbow colored canyons of the Andes. The rest of the way was desert, with fast and straight roads.

When I got to Chilecito, I found a hotel and then found a place to buy oil for the engine. It was time to change it. By the time I finished changing the oil and lubing and tensioning the chain, it was dark.

I went to the plaza to have dinner and really enjoyed watching the people. The old men sitting together are cute. It makes me wonder if they’ve been sitting on those same benches since they were kids…same friends (minus a few).

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