Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New chain in Mendoza

Another long day on the road. I drove through the desert to Mendoza, Argentina. My chain was making some grating noise so I knew that the o-rings had failed and failure was imminent. I got to Mendoza and filled up at a gas station. They had internet, so I tried to look up a Kawasaki dealer. That search didn’t work, however.

Next I asked one of the staff at the gas station. He didn’t know, but asked someone and came back with a positive answer. It was just a few blocks away…what are the chances of that!

I made it to the shop. They had a chain for me, but the sprocket didn’t quite work. Well, the chain had ruined the old sprocket, but a new chain would still work with the old sprocket, given the distance that I have left. So the man who ran the shop cut the chain to length for me and I installed it and was good to go.

I continued on to the town of Tutuyan which is south of Mendoza. Now it’s time for rest!

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