Monday, March 1, 2010

Frame welded in Chile

What a tiring day. I rode slowly through the Southwestern desert of Bolivian on route to Chile. I drove as the conditions allowed, with a mind towards keeping the frame from becoming worse.

I rode past salt flats, desert springs, and much open and multicolored landscapes. I met the guide who had answered my questions and we chatted for a bit. The flamingoes liked standing in the several inches of water that sat on the salt flats. They were beautiful, with pink and white coloring.

I made it into San Pedro de Atacama and passed through the immigrations and customs. The border officials pointed me in the direction of a welder. He was able to do the repairs right there, and I was grateful. The welder was a jolly fellow. He repaired the frame and the pannier rack. He also put some epoxy on the spot on the gas tank that had been leaking.

By the time all this was done, I was exhausted and carried a headache. I found a place to camp and set up my hammock.

I met a fellow motorcyclist from Brazil who’s bike was having trouble with the altitude. We figured out a way to increase the air flow to his bike and it seemed to run better. We took out the original filter and we made a foam and oil filter.
A French man was tented next to me and we went to dinner together. It was nice to talk to him.

As I slept, I felt my body healing. When I turned over, I watched the almost full moon glowing behind the clouds.

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