Monday, March 1, 2010

Onward to Argentina

After an early start to the day, I hit the road. I was headed to Argentina, so I had to check out of the Chile border. This day was entirely on paved roads and I was grateful for a break from the jarring dirt roads.

I passed more desert and salt flats, passed over the Andes and dropped down into the valleys on the eastern side of the Andes. It was amazing to see the deep green of the vegetation. I hadn’t seen that type of vegetation for weeks it seems. It reminded me a bit of New England. At the end of the day I was in Salta, Argentina.

As I sat down to look at which way I wanted to go from here, I decided to take Ruta 40 down Argentina. This is the Argentinain road that Che Guevara took on his famous motorcycle trip. It basically traces the ridge of the Andes. I’ll get to spend more time in the mountains.

There had been an earth quake followed by a Tsunami in Santiago, Chile and it was all over the news. I guess that I won’t be going to Santiago on this trip.

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